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About Better Living Through Energy

Better Living Through Energy is dedicated to helping you take your life to the next level through the most effective energy healing techniques and vibrational energy technologies. We envision a world where everyone’s lives are enhanced through energy.

Energy Healing therapies can help you to:

  • remove the barriers that hold you back in life
  • experience greater happiness, health, wealth and love
  • clear your blocks to being, having and doing what you desire
  • create the life you really want for yourself and your loved ones

At its most basic level, everything is made of energy arranged into different patterns that have different rates of vibration. Energy work lets us interact with this quantum
level to make instant shifts in our lives. It provides the fastest results of any known
methods for creating positive change.

At Better Living Through Energy, we work with the most powerful energy tools and methods to help you get more out of life. Our focus is on therapies and technologies that use divine energy and consciousness for the most effective results. By using divine energy and consciousness, we can get to the deepest roots of your issues and direct healing to exactly where it needs to go in your system. The end result for you is a deeper level of healing and true, positive change in your life.

Whether you are experiencing a major life challenge or would like to open yourself up to greater and greater abundance, let us help you clear your blocks to being, having and doing what you desire. Better Living Through Energy is about helping you live in the now and embrace the fullness of life so that you can increase your positive impact in the world. And, it’s about raising your vibration to help you access your true source of joy, peace and love within.

About Simone Smullen:

Simone Smullen is known for her commitment to achieving the greatest results possible for her clients in the shortest amount of time, and for the amazing healing energy that she projects to those around her. A certified ThetaHealer® and VortexHealing® practitioner, Simone is an expert at finding and clearing the blocks that hold people back from the life that they desire. She combines a strong intuitive sense and deep compassion with a targeted approach to get her clients out of their old patterns and into new vibrations of abundance, love, joy and fulfillment.

Simone has performed healings for people and animals for a wide variety of issues and ailments including: bacterial and viral infections, addictions, mental illness including depression and hearing voices, breast cancer, back pain, severe shoulder pain, weight optimization, sexual dysfunction, abundance and prosperity issues, attracting a soulmate, finding and pursuing your life's purpose, accelerated wound healing, emotional issues including anxiety and fear, cutting energetic ties, soul fragment recovery, trauma, allergies, food sensitivities, kidney stones, opening the heart to compassion, cardiovascular health, past life and karmic issues, knee problems, animal communication and healing, issues around safety and boundaries, clearing negative entities, cysts, chakra balancing, hip pain and misalignment, releasing trapped negative emotions, improving grounding, broken heart, manifestation, getting a new job, homolateral/reversed energies, rheumatoid arthritis, digestive issues, and many more.

Simone has been studying energy healing since 2002 and teaching various energy healing
modalities since 2009, including EFT, TAT and ZPoint techniques. In addition to her
training in ThetaHealing® and VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, Simone holds
certificates in Quantum-Touch®, ReconnectiveHealing®, and the Human Assemblage
Point. Simone served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, and is the founder and facilitator of Toronto Energy Explorers.

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The products and services offered by Better Living Through Energy are offered as alternative energetic healing tools and do not diagnose or treat any illness or medical condition. Our services are not intended as a replacement for medical advice or treatment. Please consult your physician if you have any medical issues.

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